Growing customer expectations are disrupting entire industries. Customers expect a personalized experience at all times. They don’t have patience for generic marketing and the last thing they want is a cold call from sales. To stay competitive, marketing teams must understand their customers better



Whether engaging consumers or business professionals, brands can use
Marketo Engage together with Adobe Experience Manager to bring together
the customer data, content, automation, and analytics powered by AI needed
to stay competitive in their industries.

Marketing Automation with Marketo Engage & Adobe

Experience Manager

Convert more of the 98% of anonymous visitors to your website with content,
messaging, and calls-to-action personalized in real time using browsing behaviour, location, referring URLs, and more. B2B companies can also personalize based on company size and industry, even for anonymous visitors.

Cross-channel engagement

Engage with your leads and accounts by delivering personalized messages and content across every channel, including email, mobile, and more.

As marketers we are always looking for ways to give our readers the most engaging and relevant content. The more relevant the content = the higher engagement from subscribers. Luckily, this is very easy to do in Marketo Engage, the market leading Marketing Automation Solution and the seemless integration with Adobe Experience Manager.

Meet the speakers

Joanna has the pleasure to have been engaged with companies from different industries and different countries on the very exiting topic like "Customer Engagement", marketing and sales for the last 15 years of her career.

 Joanna Nitta
Enterprise Account Executive, Adobe

Adam is an experienced AEM Architect and a team lead with good understanding of the whole Adobe Experience Cloud tech stack. He is a bridge between tech and marketing world with ability to translate business needs and pains of building the personalized customer journeys into a technical dimension and backwards.

 Adam Zwoniarski
Senior AEM Developer, TTMS

Ewelina has been working in the world of IT and related fields for 15 years starting from small companies through medium and large. Duties involved building teams, training teams, trans-continental offices coordination, continuous cooperation with tech-teams, customer support and user experience research.

 Ewelina Sydor
Head of Growth Hackers, Avaus Poland

With a creative mindset, yet of the strong opinion that we have to base decisions on data. Mara has several years of experience in digital Marketing, working in international projects. A focus topic is working with Adobe technologies to enable data-driven Marketing and digital transformation in B2B and B2C companies.

 Mara Drotziger
Digital Transformation Consultant, Avaus Germany