Avaus Expert Talks -breakfast:

Have you set big growth targets but are still struggling to find out the best way to reach the goals?

Are you a decision-maker within your company and are looking to create great results? Then this event is for you.

Make sure your plan for 2020 has the perfect combination of practical hands-on actions that create results and change towards a more data-driven mindset as well as new technical and organisational capabilities.

We will walk you through a list of 10 must-have actions for 2020 with real-life examples from our reference cases from finance, retail and travel industries.

10 things you should do in 2020

  1. KPIs and measuring: Marketing attribution modeling
  2. Advanced analytics: Predictive modeling
  3. Towards omnichannel: 1st party data for buying digital media
  4. Future vision: Strategy for how you utilize AI in the future
  5. Getting your data in shape: Customer Data platform (CDP)
Attend the breakfast to hear more about these and the 5 other must-haves you should have on your roadmap 2020.

Where? Avaus Stockholm Office, Katarinavägen 17, 116 45 Stockholm 
When? Tuesday 1st October, 08:00 - 10:00


08:00 Breakfast

08:30 Now is the time for an algorithmic leap! – Emma Storbacka, CEO, Avaus

08:45 AI-based personalization - "State of the art personalization in 4 weeks or less" – Olivier Poivey, CEO, One Prediction

09:00 Algorithms to empower people to build exceptional teams - Malcolm Burenstam Linder, CEO / Founder, Alva Labs

09:15 10 must-have things for 2020 – Emma Storbacka & Ola Ottosson, Principal of Analytics Avaus

09:55 Algorithmic exercise & What happens next? – Kristin Drakenberg, Senior Strategy Consultant, Avaus

Avaus Expert Talks -breakfast speakers

Strategic analytical specialist with extensive experience in building and measuring customer loyalty, retail analytics, advanced customer analytics/data science.

 Ola Ottosson
Principal of Analytics, Avaus

Emma Storbacka is the CEO of Avaus and a true driver of change. She has strong experience in supporting global B2C and B2B organisations in future-proofing their capabilities in marketing, sales and service. Emma believes that in the future all companies will be driven by algorithms and wants to help Nordic companies to adapt to this change.

 Emma Storbacka
CEO, Avaus
Olivier is co-founder and CEO of ONE Prediction, an AI-enabled cloud service which adds Lean Personalization to the client’s existing marketing platform. We deliver "state of the art Marketing personalization in 4 weeks or less", literally! Olivier will tell you how and will illustrate with a few cases. AI-driven Marketing does not belong to data scientists, nor it belongs to the future - it is just there at your fingertip.
 Olivier Poivey
CEO, ONE Prediction

Malcolm Burenstam Linder is the Founder and CEO of the HR-tech company, Alva Labs. With previous experience from VC investing at EQT Ventures and running the fast-growing E-commerce company, Furniturebox, Malcolm is passionate about building and scaling companies. The team at Alva Labs is on a mission to empower companies to build exceptional teams by marrying great technology with data science and decades of psychological research. Alva Labs’ core belief lies in the strength of human decisions, powered and informed by data.

 Malcolm Burenstam Linder
CEO, Alva Labs

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